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Wiring a hat shape by hand

In this video I’m demonstrating how I wire a buckram hat shape by hand. You can apply this same method for any shape – not just a pillbox – and also any material such as felt. This is my preferred method, there is no right or wrong way – just whatever works for you.

#buckram #millinery #hatmaking

Tools & Materials

  • Thread (white or to match hat shape material) Needle (millinery needles)
  • Thimble (I use a home-made leather one)
  • Pencil/sharpie marker Pre-blocked and fully dried hat form on the block Mini clothes pegs Pliers/wire cutters Sewing gauge (or other ruler)
  • Measuring tape Kitchen Scissors Bendy plastic (I’m using a bit of boning from an old corset)
  • Millinery wire – 1mm Galvanised wire – 1.6mm Ferrule (to match the galvanised wire)

Suggested Suppliers

I like to shop around between all of these to see who has the best prices:

  • Baxter Hart & Abraham
  • Parkin Fabrics
  • Petersham’s Millinery Supplies
  • Macculloch & Wallis
  • The Trimming Company