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Edwardian Combinations Metric Draft

Edwardian era dates are 1901-1910, this book was published in 1919. The book states its references as 3 books by Amy J Reeve published in 1912. I think this is close enough and this is the draft instructions many online sewists use to make their own “Edwardian” combinations.

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Bodice Block: Normal Figure With A Large Cup

All measurements are in Centimetres. HOW TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS Read the whole set of instructions from beginning to end. Start by noting down your measurements. Download the spreadsheet with the formulas. Follow the link to a google sheets copy, you can then add it to your own google drive, or download it and edit it on your computer. You can also write out the formulas on paper and calculate them manually. Double check all your measurements and calculations. You may find it easier to open this same web page in 2 browser windows side by side, so that you […]

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