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Getting into making hats can be quite daunting! I have compiled a reading list for you to start you off. It is ordered by what I think are the most useful books first. These books can be found from a variety of places. Some of these you can view for free digitally on www.archive.org alternatively I recommend buying books second hand from places such as www.abebooks.co.uk

See also my series of 4 YouTube livestreams of me reviewing the various books I have read.

Vintage Hat Making How To

How to Make and Trim Your Own Hats by Vee Powell 1944

Millinery for Every Woman by Georgina Kerr Kaye 1926

How to Make Hats by Eve Borrett 1967

A textbook of Model Millinery by Ethel R. E. Langridge 1957

Edwardian Hats The Art of Millinery by Mme. Anna Ben-Yusuf 1909

It’s Fun to Make a Hat by Helene Garnell 1944

How to Make a Hat by Aage Thaarup and Dora Shackell 1957

Modern Millinery Guides

Millinery the Art of Hat Making by Sarah Lomax & Rachel Skinner 2017

Hats on Heads by Mildred Anlezark 1990

Contemporary Millinery by Sophie Beale 2021

Hat Couture by Marianna Jongkind 2020

From the Neck Up by Denise Dreher 1981

Fashion Inspiration & Design

Headwear: Hats, Bonnets and Caps from the Hopkins Collection by Alan and Vanessa Hopkins 2020

Balenciaga: The Elegance of the Hat Exhibition Catalogue Museu del Disseny Barcelona 2021

Vintage Hats & Bonnets 1770 to 1970: Identification & Values by Susan Langley 2009

Hats an Anthology by Stephen Jones

Hats by Madame Paulette by Annie Schneider 2014

Dior Hats by Stephen Jones 2019

Hat Adjacent Techniques

Fabric Manipulation by Singer Ruth

Silk Flowers by Judith Blacklock 1995

Making and Arranging Silk Flowers by Anne Hamilton & Kathleen White 1990

Flower Making by Clara Kebbell 1951

Millinery History

Talking Through My Hats by Lilly Dache 1946