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In this video I’m demonstrating how I block with buckram. This is my favourite hat base material to work with – it’s easy to shape with steam and dries stiff enough to hold a good shape whilst remaining lightweight. This is my preferred method, there is no right or wrong way – just whatever works for you.

#buckram #millinery #hatmaking

Tools & Materials

  • Block with stand (mine is a DIY plaster block with a jar as a stand)
  • Tape measure Buckram (medium weight) Pencil Rulers (I’m using a set square)
  • Kitchen scissors (for buckram)
  • Cling film Steamer (or a clothes iron with a steam setting)
  • Blocking pins (black steel, 26 x 0,85mm)
  • Thimbles (metal)
  • Domet (fusible)
  • Fabric scissors (for domet only)

Suggested Suppliers

I like to shop around between all of these to see who has the best prices:

  • Parkin Fabrics
  • Macculloch & Wallis
  • William Gee