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DIY hat block using expanding foam #1

In this video Iā€™m experimenting with polyurethane foam (PU foam/expanding foam) to make a DIY hat block. Whilst I would always recommend buying a wooden hat block directly from a hat block maker, not everyone has the money to afford this when just starting out.

#millinery #hatmaking #hatblock

Tools & Materials

Mould to be copied Gaffer/duct tape Scissors Newspaper A release agent (I used Vaseline) Old rag Clingfilm (or not…?) Tape measure/rulers Safety goggles Facemask Disposable gloves 2 part liquid polyurethane foam Disposable containers (I used yoghurt pots) Stirring sticks Scales Craft knife

Suggested Suppliers

I like to shop around between all of these to see who has the best prices:


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