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DIY No Tool Couture Fabric Flowers

This video is all about making fabric flowers without the use of specialist flower making tools or equipment. Iā€™m demonstrating 3 completely different techniques that can be modified in all sorts of different ways to achieve a plethora of looks. All you need is the correct fabrics and your hands.

ā†’ Organza Rose ā†
– Silk organza
– Matching thread
– Flower petal patterns (5L, 4M, 4S)
– Fabric scissors
– Small scissors
– Pliers
– Tweezers
– Pins
– Needle
– Cotton wool
– Wire (0.4mm cotton covered)

ā†’ Stamens for Cotton Organdie Poppy ā†
– Old photo frame
– Thread
– PVA craft glue
– Acrylic paint to match thread colour
– Toothpick
– Mixing stick
– Mixing containers
– Paintbrush
– Scissors
– 1 sheet a4 paper
– Corn starch

ā†’ Cotton Organdie Poppy ā†
– Stamens (4 groups of 16 ā€“ 64 in total)
– Cotton organdie
– Muslin cloth
– Bowl of water
– Wire (0.4mm cotton covered)
– Wire (0.16mm beading wire)
– Cotton wool
– Black satin or crepe (a tiny bit)
– Needles, threads, pins etc
– Pliers
– Fabric scissors
– Small scissors
– Flat 2 hole button (2.5cm)
– Poppy petal pattern (4 small, 4 medium)

ā†’ Wired Ombre Ribbon Pansy ā†
– Wired ombre ribbon 2.5cm wide (50cm per flower)
– Matching thread (or clear beading thread)
– Small scissors
– Beading needles
– Tweezers
– Seed Beads for the centres

ā†’ Flower making books ā†
The art of handmade flowers by Iida, Miyuki, 1903-2007; Iida, Tomoko,
Making and arranging silk flowers by Hamilton, Anne