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Jacquard Acid Dyes for Millinery using the metric system

In this video I am going through the process of using powdered Jacquard Acid Dyes in a millinery context. This includes colour mixing using only 3 colours (CMY). I am also demonstrating the dyeing process with silk organza and a bleached parasisal straw, as well as talking about all the other materials that can be dyed in this way. Sorry for all the maths! This video is NOT sponsored.

→ Tools & Materials 1 ←
Safety gear! (gloves, facemask/respirator, apron, covered surfaces)
Scales (cover them in cling film for safety) 1/8 tsp measure
A selection of stirring sticks Jars Pipettes (you can manage without these, but you will be more accurate if you have them)
Boiling water
Masking tape
Jacquard Acid Dye powders (624 Turquoise, 620 Fuchsia, 601 Sun Yellow)

→ Tools & Materials 2←
Mixed dye colours
Stainless steel pots Large bucket (optional)
Gloves and apron
Mixing sticks
Citric acid
Teaspoon measure
Materials to be dyed

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