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Sinamay and Organza Fake DIY Feathers

In this video I am demonstrating a few options of how to make a non-bird alternative feather out of sinamay and organza. I’m also looking at how the concept of β€œuncanny valley” can apply to millinery trims.

β†’ Tools & Materials Sinamay Feather ←
– Sinamay
– Kitchen scissors
– Tweezers
– Millinery Wire 0.4mm & between 0.5-0.9mm
– Wire cutters/pliers
– Silk Paint for colouring the wire (or sharpies/alcohol markers)
– Baking Paper
– Iron
– Needle & Thread
– Bond-A-Web

β†’ Tools & Materials Organza Feather ←
– Silk Organza
– Fabric Scissors
– Millinery Wire 0.4mm
– Bond-A-Web
– Baking Paper
– Iron