Simplified Metric Haslam Pattern Drafting Ruler Chart


What you will get

Your download comes with the option to print in European A4 pages, or American Letter pages.

The Haslam Drafting system was invented in the 1920s by Miss Grace Haslam in the English town of Bolton. It was meant to be a mail order pattern making system where you would get the original imperial ruler (which Haslam calls a “chart”) along side sloper or block drafting instructions (Haslam called these “foundation drafts”). Once you drafted your sloper or block, you could order her pattern catalogues which contained instructions on how to modify your sloper or block into the latest fashions.

There are plenty of places on the internet where you can find these as digital reproductions or images of the originals – so why download this one? Those that exist are all in imperial measurements. My version of the ruler or “chart” is a simplified metric version ofย  the original. It is simplified as I have not included all the original guidelines on the ruler that are needed to draft a bodice block using Miss Grace Haslam’s instructions. This is because I think the draft that this ruler creates is awful! I have tried many drafting systems and this one really was the worst! So I don’t recommend it for drafting a bodice. I do however like the curve that it has, and using it to draft correct armhole curves and sleeves is what I use it for. The arrows around the curve labeled with letters are what makes this ruler useful. You can still use my metric version to follow Haslam dress designs – just not for drafting the initial “foundations” bodice blocks or slopers.

I have a video on how to create a superior fit bodice block or sloper here:

Instructions for use

  • Downloadable as a PDF in A4 and Letter page sizes.
  • Print at 100%.
  • Each page has a 2cm overlap, so trim following the guides and stick together.
  • Cut out and stick paper onto some card to reinforce. You can also laminate this so it is even more durable.