Hat Box


These timeless hexagonal Black & White striped hat boxes with a carry-cord are the perfect simple solution to hat storage problems. To protect your hat from gathering dust and fading in the light, it’s best to store it safely in one of these boxes.

These hatboxes are archival and made from acid-free paper materials which makes them the perfect long term hat storage solution.

The box size sent will be based on the size of hat you have purchaced. It is not possible to purchase these hat boxes seperatly without a hat.

Once you’ve added this hat box to your cart, please don’t select the “Royal Mail & Hat box” shipping method at checkout – otherwise you will be charged twice for only 1 hat box.

Your hat will arrive packaged in the hat box, which itself will be packaged in a standard brown parcel box. Esentially a hat, in a box, in another box!

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